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Female Lecturer


How To Become a Powerful & Effective Speaker


Suggested Audience:

Survivors of human trafficking who wish to share their stories.

Cost: $50.00 for the entire course. For details on payment options and available discounts, please contact us.

Available now in Canada and the United States. Coming soon: Europe, Australia.



  • 4 hours only.

  • Self-learning phase.


Timea Nagy has been a presenter delivering important messages for over 11 years. The most asked question she gets is, “how did you become such an engaging speaker?” Timea has presented to hundreds of thousands of people but it took her about 5 years to figure it out how to present effectively. In this 6-part series she will help you understand how to tell your story and turn your knowledge into an effective, engaging presentation.

Timea will share her personal experiences and struggles to become a survivor educator, learning how to put a price to her knowledge, and create a sustainable revenue stream that allows her to continue to do this important work without relying on constant fundraisers and donations. Timea will also give you tips on how to transform your story into valuable content and educational material without traumatizing your audience or triggering you by sharing your story repeatedly.


Becoming a Survivor Speaker/Survivor Peer Support Worker (60 minutes)

  • Challenges of becoming a Survivor Speaker.

  • How to set your price and get paid for your work

  • How to create content out of your story and how to share your story without triggering yourself or the audience

  • How do you know if you are ready? What is “charity pimping?”

  • How to offer online presentations and how to build your website.

  • How to write your biography and advice on headshots

  • Social Media - digital footprint advice


Becoming a Speaker - Part 1 (60 minutes)

  • How to prepare for your presentation?

  • Questions to ask about your audience/event?

  • Your PowerPoint structures

  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Type of presentations and how do you know the difference?

  • When to say no to a request

  • How to say no properly



Becoming a Speaker - Part 2 (60 minutes)

  • Know your worth. How to price your time.

  • Do you need a booking agent?

  • Professional speaker attire.

  • How to build your presentation.

  • How long is too long?

  • How to set up your website. What kind of headshots do you need?

  • How to set up your pricing?

  • How to promote yourself? Social Media etiquette.

  • Live Question & Answer Period.


Bonus Class Level 1 (60 minutes)

How to start your own organization? (Part 1)

You will be provided with a step-by-step guide to starting your own organization. We will discuss the difference between not-for-profit organizations, registered charities, and foundations. We will also discuss fundraising techniques, and the difference between sponsors, donors, and investors. Goal-setting, vision and mission statements, organizational structure, sector, talent recruiting, financial planning, grant writing and application guides will all be covered.

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