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Matt Richardson is an expert on internet safety and building a positive online image (among others). He is a Professor in the General Education Faculty at Loyalist College where he teaches topics that include; using social media as a positive force and technology’s impact on modern society. As a speaker with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Matt covers topics that include; social media background checks on potential employees and using the internet to discover quality candidates. Matt is a member of the Rogers Communications / Ryerson University Cybersecure Catalyst project team where he collaborates with industry experts on a variety of topics that include; cybersecurity and safety, technological skill development, digital footprint and image, and more. He is often sought out as a subject-matter expert by the media in TV, Radio, and print coverage in Canada and the U.S. Matt began teaching safety skills in 2013, and in 2016 completed an Ontario Police College credential in “Open Source Intelligence” (OSINT) internet investigations. His background working in politics and the provincial and federal civil service and OSINT experience give him a unique perspective, which has resulted in innovative programs that cover the full spectrum of online safety and digital excellence. In 2019, he founded the “Digital Empowerment Project” (Canada) in partnership with a retired Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigator for the Ohio State ICAC Task Force.




Doug van der Horden has been advocating and educating the public and local service providers on the issue of human trafficking since 2007. After spending a number of years working one-on-one with federal inmates, on the streets as an Outreach Worker, and now as a High School Counsellor, Doug discovered the horrific realities of this crime. Being a family man, with a daughter around the same age as many victims who get lured into the sex trade, Doug could not stand by and do nothing. Doug began knocking on the doors of local agencies, the legal community, and the local Police services to determine the level of knowledge on the issue of human trafficking. It did not take long for him to discover that very few people had human trafficking on their radar, so Doug began to educate himself and surround himself with like-minded people to move forward with strategic initiatives. Doug is the founder of an organization called “FAST 101 (Fighting Against Sex Trafficking 101)”, which focuses on public awareness, education, and advocacy. Doug has spent considerable time and effort building relationships with the general public, law enforcement, the legal community, education system and local service providers to help identify gaps and then build bridges to address those gaps in service for victims. Doug continues to accept any opportunity to share his knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding Human Trafficking.

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