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BECOME AN effective volunteer


Workers at Their Computers


How to Become an Effective Volunteer


Suggested Audience

Concerned Citizens, Students, Retired or Semi-Retired Professionals, Church Groups, Community Leaders, Parents, and Passionate Professionals who wish to join the movement.


Cash Value ​: $160.00 for the entire package for corporate professionals 


Available now in Canada and the United States. Coming soon: Europe, Australia.



Thursday, January 14 & Friday, January 15, 2021

Thursday, January 14, 2021, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST

Friday, January 15, 2021, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST

  • Lecture style.

  • Live interactive session.

  • Downloadable links available for up to 10 days in case you missed it.



This course will help you understand the movement of Modern-Day Slavery: the sectors and pillars. You will identify your existing skills and how can you apply them to be an effective volunteer or advocate. You will learn the most effective ways to give back as a volunteer or a consultant to further the movement.

Presenter: Timea E. Nagy

  • Up to 4 Hours Live Interactive Training.

  • Live Questions & Answer Period with Timea Nagy.

  • Specialized Training.

  • No Travel Necessary.

  • Certification of completion is available by TC Online Institute Inc.


Have you thought about joining the movement to end Modern-Day Slavery but don’t know where to start? Have you reached out to many organizations, but have not received a reply? Are you passionate about the cause and want to do more than just donate? Have you ever wondered how you can marry your profession and your passion? Timea has received hundreds of requests for help over the years and most often she was able to assist. Timea and her team have also successfully recruited, trained, and worked with over 100 volunteers since 2009, and as such Timea has gained a substantial amount of knowledge on how to successfully prepare, recruit and train volunteers for various opportunities. This 4-hour self-learning course will include self-discovery and self-reflection sessions as well as assistance to help you find the right organization or the right path for you to join the movement. You will also have a chance to have interactive conversations with your Instructor.



General Level 1, Human Trafficking: The Movement (60 minutes)

Understanding The Movement Part 1

  • What is Human Trafficking and what industries does it affect?

  • How does it affect you or your family?

  • Understanding the movement and the sectors within the movement

Human Trafficking Module 2 (60 minutes)


Understanding The Movement Part 2

  • Where are we now in the movement?

  • What should we focus our efforts on?

  • Live questions and answers with Timea


Human Trafficking Module 3 (60 minutes)


Become a Volunteer/Advocate

What will you learn?

Timea will take you behind the scenes of the world of government and not-for-profits, charities and front-line workers’ day-to-day tasks. This class will help you understand the landscape and the gaps, the challenges we are facing in each and every sector from a bird’s eye view perspective. Once you understand the gaps and challenges, Timea will walk you through an exercise to learn about your strengths and existing skills, as well as help you identify where you would best fit into our movement. Once we have identified your ideal area or sector, Timea will provide recommendations on how to approach organizations effectively with your volunteer request application.


Human Trafficking Module 4 (60 minutes)

Community Building

Timea will help you to set achievable goals and learn how to recruit the right partners and organizations with whom to share your vision and goals to fight Modern Day Slavery together. Included is how to influence each group or team to become effective members and provide ongoing assistance to achieve your vision and objectives in a reasonable timeline.

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