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Adult Students

Some hallmarks of our training:

  • Award-winning instructors and speakers who are subject-matter experts or lived-experience Survivor educators.

  • Survivor-lead/Survivor-designed curriculum based on real life.

  • Training tailored to each sector for the unique challenges they face.

  • Existing case studies with proven solutions and strategies.

TC Online Institute is a 'one-stop-shop' online education platform to learn about modern-day slavery from every perspective. We aim to educate over 50,000 professionals and impact the lives of over 2,500 Survivors in North America over the next decade.

TC Online Institute was conceived and developed by Timea’s Cause Inc., an innovative social enterprise leading the fight against human trafficking through advocacy, rescue and rehabilitation efforts, awareness, and education. With decades of experience teaching a diverse cross-section of industries about the complicated fabric of human trafficking, Timea’s Cause Inc. has now taken training efforts to the next level with a comprehensive online education platform. From law enforcement, service providers, hospitality and financial sector leaders, to parents, youth, and other socially-conscious public allies, TC Online Institute delivers high-level, live and interactive online education to anyone interested in learning more about human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Proceeds from TC Online Institute support Timea's Cause Inc., as well as its efforts to eradicate modern-day slavery in North America and around the world. Timea's Cause Inc. is a social enterprise that funds various Survivor support programs, prevention initiatives, and advocacy work in North America.

TC Online
Timea's Message


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Timea E. Nagy

Former Trafficking Victim, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Timea’s Cause

Welcome to our Institution. Thank you for taking the first step in becoming part of the solution to an issue that nearly took my life and is destroying 40.5 million others. Modern-day slavery is a symptom of everything that is wrong with our society today, and it is more widespread and complicated than most people expect. 


In addition to the victims impacted by this horrific crime, there are many business sectors whose work intersects with human trafficking: hospitality (the hotels where it often happens), financial (the trail of monetary transactions), law enforcement (the people trying to catch these predators), the corporate sector (people who plan events at hotels where human trafficking may be going on), and many more. All sectors need training, resources, and healing; no single sector can solve this complex problem alone. The more we learn about this issue, the more we can become a part of the solution. We are stronger united, and we can make significant changes if we work together.


Change is coming and you are part of it. You’re already helping us to eradicate human trafficking by taking an interest in learning more about this widespread problem. Once you get educated and feel connected and passionate about this cause, you can make more informed decisions to safeguard your loved ones - and you can educate others and help affect real change. It will be a journey unlike any you’ve taken before. Thank you for being brave and caring.


Working from Home

For more than 40 years, OnCourse Learning has delivered high-quality, trusted, safe and secure continuing education, professional development, and compliance training. OnCourse is a recognized and approved online training partner of ACAMS, the world’s largest Anti-Money Laundering Certification Program. This program has  75,000 members from financial institutions, law enforcement, and government regulators around the world. The company continues to expand its educational offerings and is proud to partner with Timea’s Cause Inc. to offer exceptional, cutting-edge training on Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness for public and private sector professionals, as well as parents, youth, community allies and advocates.



Young Women Brainstorming

Timea's Cause Inc. is a social justice corporation committed to eradicating human trafficking and modern-day slavery from many avenues: advocacy, awareness, education, and rehabilitation.  Proceeds from all brands go directly towards Survivor rehabilitation programs and emergency victim care projects.


Each of the Timea’s Cause Inc. brands addresses human trafficking from a different angle. 

  1. TC Online Institute is an education platform for public and private sector training. Learn More

  2. Timea’s Market is an online store that offers employment opportunities for Survivors and earns revenue to fund Survivor rehabilitation initiatives. Learn More

  3. LemonAID Stand is an education program for Survivors to help them rebuild their lives. Learn More 

  4. Chill Out is a relaxation and rehabilitation program for Survivors to come together to learn, connect and heal. Learn More

Timeas Cause


Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 10.47.15

When you buy products from Timea’s Market, you are supporting employment and rehabilitation for Survivors. Timea's Market is a handmade bath and body shop offering transitioning and employment opportunities for Survivors of Human Trafficking in Ontario. It was developed as a branch under Timea’s Cause Inc. with the help of a Canadian Survivor. 

When a victim of human trafficking is rescued, bath products are an initial source of comfort. It is often hard for Survivors to handle employment initially due to the intense trauma they have experienced. Timea's Market offers Survivors the opportunity to gain paid work experience making spa products. The products are sold under conditions that reflect the flexibility and empathy required for them to be successful as they take steps toward resuming their lives post trauma.

From lavender bubble bath, soaks and salts, to shea soaps, charcoal face bars, flu fighting products, and more; these handmade, organic at-home spa products make excellent gifts while supporting the fight against human trafficking at the same time. The sales from these products directly support various victim care initiatives in Canada and the United States, such as our LemonAID Stand and Chill Out Programs. Although production for Timea’s Market products is on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the products were and will be available for single purchase or in bulk for corporate gifts when operations resume in 2021.


From 2017 to early 2020, the shop was able to employ up to nine Survivors full and part-time. The Survivors were able to update their resumes, gain hands-on experience, and eventually transition to secure jobs outside of the market.


Click here to learn more about Timea's Market.



Online Learning

The LemonAID Stand program is in development. It is a platform for online mentorship and education for Survivors across North America. As a kind of “Netflix” for Survivors, it will contain over 120 hours of educational and entertainment content. It will include conversations, interviews, and basic life skills classes, such as: how to navigate the social system, what happens during court, life after being trafficked, how to budget for groceries, how to cope with trauma, and much more. It is our goal to assist up to 2,500 Survivors by 2023 by connecting them with friendly teachers and mentors. 


Click here to learn more about LemonAID Stand.



Chill Out Retreat - 1.jpg



When Timea was rescued from trafficking, she dreamed of a place where she could go to just sleep, eat, relax, and clear her head. She had no idea what she was going to do with her life, and she had no idea how to start putting the pieces back together. She dreamed of a beautiful place out in the country where she could breathe fresh air, be herself, and not have to hide her past. She could not find such a place. Instead, she decided to create it.


Timea's Chill Out Retreat is like summer camp for Survivors - a place for them to connect, learn, and relax, while they try to heal from the trauma of their experience.


The first Chill Out Retreat was held in Cambridge, Ontario in 2017. Eight Survivors from across the province came and stayed for four days. They bonded, attended life skills classes, self-help/motivational talks by established mentors from the professional world, and enjoyed outdoor activities in a safe environment. Timea's Chill Out Retreat will resume on a regular schedule and will host up to 200 survivors per summer by 2022.


Click here to learn more about Timea's Chill Out Retreat. 

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