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Become a member and give back

Support Survivors as a VIP Member for $14.99/month

Subscribe today for a nominal monthly payment, in order to support the fight against human trafficking. Enjoy benefits like select free or discounted classes, sample spa products, exclusive content, and more.


In addition to knowing that you are helping to eliminate modern-day slavery with your monthly support, you'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Select free gifts from our online store (opening in 2021).

  • Some free and discounted classes at TC Online Institute.

  • Free e-books and exclusive access to our library of resources.

  • A special invitation to our Annual VIP Event where you can network with our instructors, meet subject matter experts, and engage with speakers and advocates from around the world.

  • Unique opportunities to support survivors directly. For example, we may ask you to write a "You are not alone" personalized note to a survivor who is going to court or relocating, and we will deliver it to them.


"You Are Not Alone"

A Note from Timea E Nagy, Founder of TC Online Institute


When I was a victim, I felt like the ghost of society. I felt like society did not care or want to help me. When I tried to recover and rebuild my life, I was very angry at "normal people" for not helping me, but the truth is, they just didn't know. And if they knew what I was going through, they would have been the first to lend a hand. I want Survivors to know that they are not GHOSTS -  that we CARE, and we are here to help in any way we can. I want them to feel included, even if we can not be there in the room with them physically during their darkest hours.


We started our "You Are Not Alone" note program by sending the survivors handmade lavender organic products to help them calm down during court or to help them fall asleep in a new shelter or safe house. We decided to put in a personalized note in order to let them know they are “Not Alone.” We found out later from police officers and service providers that they ended up carrying the note with them everywhere they went for the first few weeks. One girl was holding onto it on the stand, while she was testifying.


We cannot be there to hold them, encourage them, or cheer them on in person, but we can be there in spirit. The "You Are Not Alone" notes from you, with your title and signature, will make them feel special, worthy, and most importantly, NOT ALONE. The note will make them feel seen as human beings.


Thank you for your contribution and thank you for your compassion and dedication to our cause.


Our subscription program is facilitated through Chargify, the globally-recognized leader in Subscription Management services. You can trust that your payment and delivery of benefits are secure.

Please subscribe and make a lasting impact. This creates a steady revenue stream for our work supporting victims of trafficking. We are a social justice organization and not a charity, so we cannot offer tax receipts. 



Online Socializing

When you become a Member with TC Online Institute, you are instantly supporting ongoing North American Victim Care Initiatives by our company Timea's Cause. 

-Emergency Housing


-Emergency Dentist visits

-Funeral costs

-Rent subsidy programs

-First-Last month Rent (Start-up) funding

-Online educational programs (LemonAidStand)

-Summer camps for Survivors (Chill Out)

-Employment programs at Timea's Cause 

and more

For more information on our Survivor's Initiative programs please visit:

Buy One
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 12.06.33

We practice sustainable learning. Every time you purchase a course from TC Online Institute, you are supporting a survivor. We have a ONE FOR ONE business model. When you learn from us, you actually double the power of your impact. Not only are you making a difference by educating yourself about human trafficking and being part of the solution, you are also giving education to a survivor. Our LemonAID Program is specifically designed to offer support and education to survivors to help them build new lives. Buy a course from us and you’re giving a course to a survivor - BUY ONE, GIVE ONE, it’s that easy.

You are also supporting survivors when you purchase spa items from Timea’s Market. All the profits earned from this venture are allocated toward survivor initiatives. 

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